North Manchester Community Partnership is a group of community-based organisations across North Manchester, working to help impoverished communities access education, employment, and information services, as well as assist in basic needs.

They wanted a website where they could promote their organisational activities and events, as well as raise funds through online donations. As a partnership, the website would also be used to promote partner events and events and news in the community. They also required a logo and branding to go across their online platforms and their print media.

I created a website powered by WordPress, which would assist with timely updates for a “Latest News” page and could be expanded upon with an events calendar. It also made it easier for volunteers or partners to post articles directly. I also partnered with Google through their non-profit programme to provide them with an email and document system, and I integrated Wonderful into their site as a donation platform. A honeycomb-style brand borrowed from the Manchester “Worker Bee” image, highlighting the prominence of Manchester in the Industrial Age of England. The seven chambers of the logo referenced the seven areas of North Manchester where the Partnership focussed their work, although their target areas have expanded since.