As an additional service, we can perform a number of tasks to maintain your site and keep it online. Services we offer as standard include:

Security and Malware Scanning

Uptime Monitoring

Daily Plugin, Theme and Core updates

Off-site Backups

Domain and DNS Management

Site Performance Monitoring

Our maintenance packages are not limited to these services. We can offer many more, including content management, social media management, on-page and local SEO, and analytics monitoring. Get in touch with us and we can tailor our maintenance packages to your specific needs.


£ 60 / month
  • Weekly Security Scanning
  • Weekly Malware Scanning
  • Monthly Off-site Backups
  • Site Performance Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • DNS Monitoring
  • Monthly SSL Check
  • Weekly Database Optimisation


£ 100 / month
  • As Standard, plus ...
  • Monthly Search Ranking Report
  • Monthly Analytics Monitoring Report
  • On-page SEO Assessment
  • Local SEO Assessment
  • Social Media SEO

Maintenance plans such as those I provide are there for your convenience. It takes the worry out of making sure your site is online and functioning at its best. But there is no obligation for you to sign up for a maintenance contract. There are great benefits to signing up, especially with having someone to communicate with the appropriate companies, but ultimately it is your decision.

Yes! We can put your site on our maintenance plans whether or not we were the original developers. If you want to have a new site from us, we can discuss this at your convenience, but our maintenance contracts do not require that we were the original developers.

When I hand your site over to you, I will do everything to make sure your site is as secure as possible. At that point, my work is done. If your site is hacked within 30 days or if you are on a maintenance plan, I will make sure your site is cleaned up and restored free of charge. If it is outside that 30-day window, or you are not on a maintenance plan, then you will be charged £250 for the work.

At this moment in time, I do not offer any hosting through Cocode Designs. However, I have partnered with trusted local hosting providers that can provide a better service direct to you. While you are on my maintenance packages, I will work with any and all hosts to keep your site online.

No, not at all. There are no fees to get you set up on a maintenance plan, nor are there fees if you leave. And if you leave, you can always come back and sign up again.

Invoices are usually sent on the first of every month and have a 30 day credit period. If you feel it is more convenient, we can offer quarterly or semi-annually billing at the same rate.

If you wish to pay for an annual plan, I will offer you a full year’s hosting for the price of ten months. That means, if you use our standard maintenance plan, you will pay £500 per year rather than £600.

Charities can receive a discounted rate for our standard maintenance plan upon the provision of a valid charity registration number. Get in touch with me to discuss what I can offer you.

If you need support outside of our agreement, I can still provide you with some assistance. Any work will be charged at my hourly rate, and we can discuss the details separately. Get in touch with me and we can discuss what you need.

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