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I have been a WordPress developer since 2007 and have developed a number of business and individual websites.  Since then, I have made around 70 websites, with 11 under active maintenance.  Over the years I have worked with 7 charities and non-profit organisations, and delivered 35 training sessions in a variety of subjects.

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Cocode Designs works closely with our customers to create professional, bespoke websites.  You are involved with the process from the start and are as much a part of the process as I am.


I believe design should be open to all.  That’s why I work with clients from all backgrounds, regardless of size, and offer them the best that design has to offer.


I want my clients to understand what I do and what they need to do.  That’s why I take the time to explain the technologies and platforms I use, as well as train my clients on the platforms I have installed.


I work with members of the local community to build their knowledge in design.  I understand your needs as a client and a business, as well as the needs of the people you work with and serve.


I look for new ways to build on your brand, to bring your products and services to a new audience. From opening new technologies to integrating multiple systems, your site should bring you new opportunities.


I recognise that people are unique and should be equally treated as such. That’s why I work with all organisations, with all backgrounds of designers, to bring design to the masses. Design is not a luxury, it is a gift to the people.

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