While it is the tiniest element, it often starts with your logo.  That small identifying mark is often the most important in stamping your identity on your work, your services, even your team.  We work with you to distil what makes you special and translate that into a versatile and responsive graphic mark.

Complete guidelines, made to work with your brand

To give you the biggest competitive edge with your brand, Cocode’s branding service gives you a set of guidelines that covers logo use, language style, colour palettes, and a multitude of other elements to enhance your brand.  We can also provide training to help you utilise your brand to the best of your capabilities, and workshops and material to help your employees understand the differences in your brand language on social media, on your website, and in print.

Unlock your potential in print as well as online

Your brand and marketing strategy should not stop with digital design.  With the range of products available for print increasing, it’s still proving impossible to dethrone the Sovereign that is Print.

Through local printing partners and industry-standard criteria and guidelines, you can improve your marketing and branding strategy with a variety of professionally designed material. 


Book covers

Corporate stationery



Business cards

T-shirts and Apparel


Standing Banners

Reusable bags

External signage

and more ...

Digital Signage

From reception areas to restaurants, from store fronts to surgeries, digital signage has grown in popularity as a way of quickly updating your customers on new services and products.  Some systems can be complicated and require specialist equipment, and cheaper solutions can often come with drawbacks.

Using simple solutions and easy-to-configure hardware, you can power signage and notifications that can supercharge your business and promote your new services from your premises.

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