With processes changing almost daily and new tools coming out or existing tools getting significant updates, it can be hard to keep up with the changes, not to mention costly paying someone to keep up with the trends for you.

As part of our training service portfolio, we can tailor and deliver a training session or a series of training sessions specific to your needs. All of our trainers are fully qualified teachers (with Award in Education and Training Level 3, equivalent, or higher), and our sessions can be delivered on-site, at a location of your choosing, or online for those wishing to learn at their own speed. We can provide custom training materials for your company, even fitting with your own brand, which means you can deliver the sessions to new staff or to a greater number of your ever increasing marketing team.

As standard, our training services offer:

Bespoke Training

Customised Materials

Qualified Trainers

Training to fit your schedule

We understand that your business is important, and we respect that you will have other needs that will take priority over learning a new method of marketing. That’s why all of our training courses are as flexible as possible to accommodate your own needs. We can tailor your training into three hour blocks in the morning or afternoon, or we can increase or decrease the session length as you require.


Because our courses are tailored to your specific needs, we do not have a strict prospectus of training programmes available.  We have delivered multiple sessions from Basic Website Management to Site Administration to Content Writing, but we have the resources and skills to deliver training sessions that fit your needs.  Some of the programmes we specialise in are:

Site Management

Content Writing

Social Media Marketing

Website Administration

Inbound Marketing

On-page SEO

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