Supporting Local Businesses

I am a developer based in Greater Manchester, home of industry and technology.  Our contributions to the world of computing are known worldwide, and I want to support this and help it to thrive.  I use primarily local suppliers for services, especially for hosting.  I have partnered with Kualo and Unlimited Web Hosting and work with UK and EU based businesses to deliver our core services.

Supporting Local Charities

I work with a lot of charities and non-profit organisations, and I like to get them the best possible deal and help them to get online.  Using connections with non-profits in the past, I have been able to put together a service that helps non-profits on tight budgets.  Charity services are priced competitively, and our overall support package sources support from UK based businesses to help level the playing field for local, regional, and national charities.

Supporting the Environment

We have one world and we want to do our part to protect it.  By partnering with Kualo, clients have been able to take advantage of their services powered using 100% renewable energy.  Where possible, chosen partners use recycled and recyclable material, and all of Cocode’s backend is paper-free.  I am still looking to reduce my environmental footprint where possible and are exploring more responsible practices, especially with customer management procedures.

Supporting an Open Tech World

The World Wide Web was conceived in the early 1990s as a mechanism to allow people to share and access information.  It was founded on the principle that anyone, anywhere, could access and use it freely, without having to ask for permission or licencing the technologies. This freedom has been a core aspect of the web, allowing and encouraging others to build new technologies and languages and management systems. Without it, Cocode Designs would not exist, so it is important that I contribute to that technology and the open-source world.