That starts with your website. It’s the first place people will go to find out about you, so making sure everything is tied to your brand is essential. It’s important then to make sure that your site puts your identity forward, which makes your site a fundamental investment in your online arsenal.

That doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Through years of experience and expertise, I’ve been able to put together a competitive package for many budgets beyond a simple website. Using industry-standard technologies and systems, you can be assured that your site shows your best attributes.

Every site is custom made, with your needs at the core.  From simple landing sites with contact details to fully-fledged content managed sites, your site will be the perfect platform for your online persona.

Security and Backups

SSL Certificate

Global Security Network

Secure Email System

Local Hosting Provider

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WordPress offers great ease, expandability and flexibility, and it’s one of the reasons I love it so much. It is my Content Management System of choice, and I’ve partnered with a number of great service providers to make your WordPress site even more powerful, and make the development process even better. I love WordPress, and I are so very proud to contribute to the WordPress ecosystem.

Each site will be designed to fit your identity and developed around your requirements.  Regardless of your needs, there’s a site available for you.

Single page site

Multi-page brochure site

CMS/Blog site

Responsive site

Lead generation site

Ecommerce site

Charity donation site

and more.

Giving a boost to charities

Thanks to a number of partners including Microsoft and Google, we’re able to offer charities a very competitive package to get online, including free hosting, and access to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.  If you’re a charity, make sure you include your charity number so we can ensure your eligibility.

Your site in four simple steps


First we meet ...

We will discuss your website’s requirements and budget and set out a plan to get your site from concept to published.  We will discuss what you want to get from your site, what you hope your site will achieve, and what we can offer as part of your package.  We will set out a plan to get your site online quickly and with little fuss.


Then we design ...

With your needs set out and contracts signed, we will design and mock-up your site to your specifications.  Features will be researched and tested before a line of code is written, and the next stages will be discussed further.


Next we build ...

Once you sign off on the designs, your site will start to take shape.  The basic foundations are laid with your content management system, any additional services are connected, and the design is sculpted to the mock-ups and your specification.  A temporary (or “staging”) site will be set up for you to access and watch development, and all features will be tested in a near-live environment.


And we're live!

Your site, fully tested and set up, will be moved from the staging server to your own server environment.  Everything else will be added to the live environment – your content distribution networks, your email system, SSL certificates, and social networks connected.  Local business pages will be set up and your site will be registered with all major search engines.  One final test, and your site will be released to the public.

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