Harpurhey Neighbourhood Project is a volunteer-run project based in Harpurhey, Manchester. Once considered the most deprived ward in England, the community has often banded together to help itself thrive.  It was from this community spirit that the Project was founded and continues.

Their website had long been left to ruin, so Dale contacted me to resurrect it and make it accessible to the community.  Being volunteer-run and with few resources, they still needed to present themselves as a professional organisation, but their work was further complicated by the Centre acting as a community hub rather than a location for service delivery.  Multiple organisations use the centre to provide services directly to the community, and this had to be accommodated with the project.

The plan with the website was to mimic this attitude and atmosphere: to allow the community to access information as a central hub rather than a service portfolio.  The design focused around blocks of content, using Elementor’s editor as a framework.  Widgets and templates were custom-built for their needs, and technical limitations were reduced as much as possible.  In addition, I partnered with Google to provide email on their domain via their non-profit programme, and connected their website to their Wonderful.org fundraising profile.