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About Cocode Designs

Since 2016, we have been providing our services to organisations of different sizes, private and non-profit, new startups and established bodies. We work on the principle of "complete, collaborative design" - the idea that no design, no project, no brand can come to fruition without collaboration and communication with you, the customer.

We are a design collective based in the North West of England, specialising in branding and website design.

Cocode Designs was formed in February 2016 by our Creative Director, Nathan Hawkes, but the idea for the collective had been in the making four years prior.  Nathan had been providing design services and website management services for non-profit organisations since 2006 but wanted to venture into design full time.  His work was solely as a freelancer, providing services only when needed.  Through reading online, he realised just how many freelancers there were in the design arena and decided not to treat them solely as competition, but also to support them and provide them with frameworks and procedures, whilst still maintaining the principles of a freelance designer.

Thus, Cocode Designs was born.

Cocode Designs believes in complete, collaborative design.  It operates on the belief of autonomy and respect, the combination of working together and independent thinking.  We think that our creatives best understand what they want to do and have the freedom to do it, and that our customers know best what it is that they want and should be at the heart of the design process.  Whilst we can’t promise to paint the Sistine Chapel in the space of six hours, we do know our trade and we work in collaboration with our customers, taking them on as part of the team, showing them what is possible in design.  We help our customers build strategies to establish marketing and embrace new technologies.  Working together, we help companies new and old, large and small, find new customers, understand new strategies and practices, and traverse the marketing landscape, and we use the most powerful force known to the media.

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What is a "design collective"?

Everyone is familiar with the concept of design agencies and even the idea of freelancers.  But a design "collective"?

The idea of the design collective allows us to act as a bridge between the two stalwarts of the design arena.  We work almost exclusively with freelancers, encouraging them to work flexibly and do what they do best.  Our place provides them with the structure they need, providing access to contracts, invoicing tools, customer relationship management, and resources that will help them to work safer and more effective.  We don't act as an agent on their behalf, we don't take a commission from our designers.  We simply provide them with the structure they need to work and help boost them as professionals.

Our Values


Cocode Designs works closely with our customers to create professional, bespoke websites.  You are involved with us from the start and are as much a part of the process as we are.


We believe design should be open to all.  That's why we work with clients from all backgrounds, regardless of size, and offer them the best that design has to offer.


We want our customers to understand what we do and what they need to do.  That's why we take the time to explain the technologies and platforms we use, as well as train our customers on the platforms we have installed.


We work with members of the local community to build their knowledge in design.  Our freelancers are local to you and understand your needs as a customer and a business, as well as the needs of the people you work with and serve.


We work with the untapped power of the freelancer, meaning new up-and-coming designers get to work on the same footing as established agencies in a professional and protected environment.


We recognise that people are unique and should be equally treated as such.  That's why we work with all organisations, with all backgrounds of designers, to bring design to the masses.  Design is not a luxury, it is a gift to the people.

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We care about our clients

Our digital marketing work speaks for itself. We deliver an outstanding service custom-tailored to each and every one of our clients — big or small.

A brief history of Cocode Designs

It's a thing!

Cocode Designs is officially founded on this day. The aim is to encourage many freelancers to work together under one banner, but still retain their autonomy over their work.

Signed our first client (officially!)

Kualo becomes our nonprofit host of choice

Kualo becomes our primary web host

Became a sponsor for the Kinofilm Festival

ManageWP, Flywheel integrated into our primary workflow becomes a telephony partner

And we're only just getting started ...

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