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Cocode Designs is a new design agency in the North West of England, specialising in branding and website design.  Since 2016, we have been providing our services to organisations of different sizes, private and non-profit, new startups and established bodies.  But who are Cocode Designs?  What makes us special?  Why are we here?  What’s with these questions?  And why are you being asked the questions when you’re here to find the answers?  Oh.  Right … sorry.

Well, I don’t have the answer to the last two questions, but read on, weary traveller, for the history of Cocode Designs.

How did Cocode Designs start?

Cocode Designs was formed in February 2016 by our Creative Director, Nathan Hawkes, but the idea for the agency had been in the making four years prior.  Nathan had provided design services and website management services for non-profit organisations since 2007 but wanted to venture into design full time.  However, he resided solely as a freelancer, providing services only when needed.  Through reading online, he realised just how many freelancers there were in the design arena and decided not just to treat them as competition, but also to support them and provide them with frameworks and procedures, whilst still maintaining the principles of a freelance designer.

Thus, Cocode Designs was born.

Cocode Designs believes in complete, collaborative design.  It operates on the belief that our customers know what they want and should be at the heart of the design process.  By hiring us, we believe that our customers know their limitations in implementing their strategy and require support to get their ideas off the ground.  Whilst we can’t promise to paint the Sistine Chapel in the space of six hours, we do know our trade and we work in collaboration with our customers, taking them on as part of the team, showing them what is possible in design.  We help our customers build strategies to establish marketing and embrace new technologies.  Working together, we help companies new and old, large and small, find new customers, understand new strategies and practices, and traverse the marketing landscape, and we use the most powerful force known to the media.

The Freelancer.

Why does Cocode Designs use freelancers?

When Cocode Designs was formed, Nathan was himself a freelance designer, and knowing that there were more like him – skilled, passionate, knowledgeable, trained, even if not qualified – that didn’t have the support of agencies and large umbrella bodies, gave him pause.  He wanted to work in design for many years, but his work for non-profits and charities showed that it was important to give back.

The idea of Cocode Designs is to support people who want to enter into design and work for agencies whilst maintaining their autonomy as a freelance designer.  We provide structure, contracts, billing and transaction material for those just starting to venture into design as a paid vocation, and allow our designers to work to their own beat.  Like any agency, we have a standard to uphold and quality to maintain, but our designers are just as skilled as those working in the professional arena.

Because we work with freelancers, we are more open to recruitment.  All of our designers are assessed and interviewed, as with other organisations, but by working for Cocode Designs our designers agree to adhere to a code of conduct, a set of core principles that event designer, arguably every human, should adhere to.  We want to make sure that you as a customer are respected and valued, safe and knowledgeable and treated as an equal.  But this flexibility allows us to recruit designers who are currently studying or have been out of work or are between jobs or aren’t looking to enter into further education at all.  It allows those who want to work in design to get that first foothold into this area, regardless of qualifications, background, ethnicity, experience, disability or age.  We encourage collaboration in all of our work areas.  The best way we find to do that is to collaborate with our designers.

Our Values

Working in collaboration with designers and customers.

Bringing high-quality design to a wider audience.

Removing all of the barriers to good design.

Making new technologies and platforms simpler to understand.

Making existing technologies more accessible and easier to use.

Offering up-and-coming designers the ability to work in a professional and protected environment.

Working with the local community to improve their design knowledge.

Our Mission

Our mission is:

To provide high quality, bespoke, custom interactive, print, audio and visual design pieces, without excessive price tags, delays or short cuts.


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