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About Cocode Designs

Since 2016, Cocode Designs has been providing services to organisations of different sizes, private and non-profit, new start-ups and established bodies. I work on the principle of “complete, collaborative design” – the idea that no design, no project, no brand can come to fruition without collaboration and communication with you, the customer.


When you want to bring your marketing personnel in-house, you need to account for your staff’s understanding and knowledge of your branding guidelines, your marketing practices, and navigating your material. We can provide training on every aspect of your marketing practices, from understanding brand assets to brand guidelines to brand management.

Website Maintenance

Having a website is fantastic, but keeping your site active is incredibly important. With multiple systems doing multiple things, and some systems requiring more to keep online than others, it’s important that you spend time to monitor your site and your online activity. As an additional service, we can perform a number of tasks to […]

Privacy Policy

Data protection is a high priority for Cocode Designs. The use of this site is possible without any indication of personal data; however, if a data subject wants to use special services via our website, processing of personal data would most likely become necessary. If the processing of personal data is necessary and there is […]

Delicate Bakery

Angela approached us to develop an online portal to sell homebaked goods.  Using WordPress as a basis, we created a content managed website for her to create an ordering platform, as well as a blogging platform to share updates about her craft, new products, or recipes for people to bake at home.

Parsol Project

I was approached by Tom to work on Parasol’s marketing material in July 2017.  He had been instrumental in helping set up Europia and Open Culture Project, and he has been of great support to the European community during his work with Wai Yin Society.  He asked for a complete branding for Parasol – his newest […]

Open Culture Project

The volunteers and workers of Open Culture have worked with Wai Yin Society for a number of years, helping them to work with the Eastern European migrant community. Given my ties to Wai Yin, it would have been incongruous of me to turn down working for Open Culture. Many of the features from Wai Yin’s […]

OneVoice Women’s Group

Coming from a project at Wai Yin Society, the OneVoice Women’s Group aimed to be the first black and minority ethnic (BME) group of the British Women’s Institute.  The project was run separately to Wai Yin Society and worked within the remit of the Institute.  Once funding for the project ran out, the Group decided […]

WCA Action Group

I started working on the Work Capabilities Assessment (WCA) Action Group in 2013 to promote talks in Manchester at the time of the Conservative Party Conference.  The aims of the talks were to promote the issues surrounding the Work Capabilities Assessment, an assessment taken by recipients of out-of-work benefits such as Employment Support Allowance or […]